Company Profile: Stenner Pump Company

Stenner Pump Company (401 Prairie Village Dr., New Century, KS)

Established in 1957 in Jacksonville, Florida, the Stenner Pump Company manufactures peristaltic pumps for reliable and accurate dosing of liquid solutions in a variety of applications, including animal health pharmaceuticals, agriculture/feedlots, swimming pools, car washes.

The pump components are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, and then shipped to the company’s 50,000 square-foot facility located at New Century AirCenter, where they are assembled and shipped by FedEx Ground to distributors in Canada and the continental US. About 45 percent of Stenner Pump’s total revenue ships out of its NCAC facility.

Stenner Pump expects to see continued growth and demand for its products and leadership at the company has expressed interest in expanding the New Century facility.