Company Profile: Aerocharger

Aerocharger (402 New Century Pkwy, New Century, KS 66031)

Since 1976, the Aerocharger Turbo Systems has brought next-level turbo technology to the high-performance world. The “Aerocharger” is a variable vane, self-contained & self-lubricating turbo that offers significantly faster spooling, ultra-high efficiency and simplified installation over traditional turbocharger technology. Aerocharger also offers aftermarket Aerocharger Turbo System kits for many different powersports, optimizing the Aerocharger for motorcycles, snowmobiles, UTVs and more.

In 2013, Aerocharger Ballistics was founded, offering next-level suppressors for shooting enthusiasts and military operators. Aerocharger utilizes spiral technology allowing suppressors to be designed more effectively. Utilizing spirals helps reduce the energy of gases in the suppressor quickly and efficiently, making them more effective by funneling gases out instead of trying to immediately stop them.

Next-level technology is utilized in all Aerocharger products which are designed and manufactured at the company’s New Century AirCenter location. The company has been located at New Century since 2011.