Coach Gary Pinkel Helps SWJCEDC Build a Winning Team

PinkelFormer Mizzou Football Coach Gary Pinkel shared “17 Leadership Lessons” at a special luncheon hosted by Southwest Johnson County EDC on April 8. The 2014 SEC Coach of the Year inherited a program in disarray in 2001, but managed to turn the Missouri Tigers into a dominant force in college football. Here’s what EDC board members are saying about the event:

“Coach Pinkel’s lessons on leadership easily translate from the gridiron to the workplace. No matter what type of team you are leading, it always boils down to a plan, the process and your people.”
Tim Cowden
President and CEO
Kansas City Area Development Council

“Coach Pinkel provided valuable insight that’s applicable to leaders from all walks of life and in all areas of business. I really enjoyed hearing one of college football’s most winning coaches talk about what it takes to build a winning team.”
Carol Lehman
Business Liaison
Johnson County Community College