Business Retention Visit: Upfield

27080 West 159th Street • New Century, KS

As a global company, Upfield is the #1 producer of plant-based spreads with more than 60 brands, including iconic brands FLORA, RAMA, BLUE BAND, PROACTIV, BECEL and COUNTRY CROCK. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Upfield sells its products in over 95 countries and have 17 manufacturing sites throughout the world, including one here in the New Century AirCenter!

Home to over 250 employees, the Upfield plant in New Century recently launched a new dairy-free plant butter that tastes like dairy butter. Country Crock Plant Butter is made with plant-based oils and features oils from olives, avocados and almonds.

Upfield continues to see growth and is well-positioned for future success as more people around the world are consuming plant-based foods.