Business Retention Visit: Russell-Hampton Company

110 W. Leawood Drive, New Century, KS

Founded in 1920, the Russell-Hampton Company is a 4th generation promotional product marketing agency with expertise in brand recognition, graphic design, distribution/fulfillment and product sourcing. Russell-Hampton partners with a diverse range of businesses from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, helping them manage and promote their brands. From the very beginning, they have been Rotary’s ORIGINAL licensed vendor and continue to be the go-to supplier of quality products for Rotarians with the largest selection of Rotary emblem merchandise.

Located in New Century AirCenter, they are a one-stop shop providing all capabilities in-house, including graphic design, embroidery, etching/engraving and distribution/fulfilment.

Next year will be an exciting year for Russell-Hampton as they will be celebrating their 100 Year Anniversary. As they like to say “We’re not the best because we’re the oldest. We’re the oldest because we’re the best.”

Congratulations on all your success Russell-Hampton Company!